Let's Start at the Very Beginning...a Very Good Place to Start!!

Have you ever been out and about with your favorite little person and needed to find somewhere with a changing table, a clean restroom, or a water fountain? Have you ever been out and about on a hot day and all you really want is to find a kid-friendly place with comfy chairs, air-conditioning, and maybe even something for you to drink without resorting to snagging a juicebox from the diaper bag? Have you ever thought about how great it would be to find all kinds of fun and FREE things to do with your littles? Well, here is your source for finding all those places and more!!

Just a bit about me...my name is Julie and I am a stay-at-home mom to the cutest little guy who just turned two this past summer. Before I was a mommy though I had plenty of experience with littles...as the oldest in a family of seven kids, as a regular babysitter, as a camp counselor, as a missionary working with orphan children in Romania, and as a nanny for several years. So I know just how great it is to find a changing table that actually has liners and a working buckle, how terrific it is to find a little known place where the kidlets can have a blast without hurting your pocketbook, and how awesome it can be to find a family restroom so you can feel secure in letting an independent little guy go to the bathroom by himself without wondering about creepy people, dirty restrooms, or if the little guy is pulling ALL the paper towels out of the holder!!

Since I am just starting out, my first reviews will be to places I go with my little guy...the zoo, the museum, stores such as Target and JCPenney, various parks and bookstores, kid-friendly fast food places, etc. As the blog grows and gains followers who tell me of other places I will be able to expand it to even more fun places. With my little guy having a newly diagnosed peanut allergy I will also be posting what places we avoid, what places are safe, and what safety measures we take to keep him healthy and out of the ER!!

I am aware that there are a few books on the subject out there. Unfortunately most of the more concise books deal more with the Dallas side of the Metroplex, and the only one I've found that was more Fort-Worth oriented is a bit dated and isn't specifically geared so much toward the littles (ie. the not-yet-ready-for-schooltime crowd). So there ya go!! Here's hoping this grows into something great!!

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