Fort Worth Zoo--Is a Pass Worth It?

Though I prefer to go with my munchkin mostly to places where he can be entertained or entertain himself for free or close to it, I think there are a few places where it is TOTALLY worth it to spend the money to get a pass...the Fort Worth Zoo being one of those places.

Yes, the zoo is stinky (any place with animals is going to be, of course), there is a TON of walking involved, and for a few months of the year (since we ARE in Texas) incredibly hot...but kiddos totally love it!!

Since my husband didn't want a pass and our little guy is younger than three we just paid $63 to get my pass and now I can take my little guy to the zoo anytime we want to go for a whole year with just that one pass!!

The pass also gets you free parking, half price tickets on the Yellow Rose Express Train and the Country Carousel, 10% discount at all merchandise locations and most food locations, and a few other perks (but those are the main ones). Also, all passholders can get up to six guests in for $3 off except on Wednesdays.

For those of you who want another adult in the household to have a pass as well, it is only $41 for a second adult. For those of you with littles over the age of three the cost for passes are as follows: $26 for the first child, $20 for the second child, and $17 for each additional child.

Even if you were buying passes for a family of two adults and three children over the age of three you'd still only be paying $167 for a whole year of zoo...which breaks down to just $13.92 a month and one person can't hardly even go see a movie with popcorn for that much anymore!!

One simple example of how totally worth it it is to go with a season pass is to figure out how much you'd spend on a single day at the zoo. If you were only going to go one day and you were that same family of five it would cost you $56 (unless you went on a Wednesday, then it would still be $30.50). So it pays for itself in just three trips!!

If you have littles then I am sure you will agree with me that it is much, much better to break outings up into shorter trips that won't interfere with naps if at all possible...than it is to drag little ones around all day long and then have to deal with them when they are overtired and overstimulated!!

I will be posting soon on the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History...another WORTH IT expense. We let our membership lapse over the summer, but will be renewing it very soon as it will be a GREAT place to spend time during the coldest parts of our Texas winter.

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